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EMFs and Weight Gain

July 16, 2008

There are several things going on that can cause spontaneous weight gain, that are outside the realm of the food you ingest.  As I have said before, Chicago is one of the most “wired” cities in the whole U.S.  The city administration has really gone wild, inviting in all the latest “high-tech” communications systems: from cameras on street corners, to wireless internet broadcasts throughout the city, to installing Homeland Security satellite systems, and now WiMax, broadcasting its detrimental frequencies throughout the entire city.  What happens, at a real fundamental level, is that human beings living in such an electronic soup of frequencies don’t feel safe.

Although we don’t consciously feel the frequencies hitting us, some part of us is aware, and we feel bad.  This constant bombardment of frequencies makes us feel irritable and stressed “at best”, and victimized and ill, at worst.  When we feel under attack by these frequencies (again this feeling of being “under attack” happens unconsciously, within us), we may try to “protect” ourselves from it.

One way people protect themselves is by putting on weight.  This is our unconscious response to try and create greater distance between us and the detrimental frequencies that are hitting us.  It is our “best shot” at helping us to survive, although, ultimately, it doesn’t work.

Another thing that can make us gain weight living in such a high-tech environment like Chicago, is another deep, unconscious response to being hit by all the negative frequencies.  They can make us feel like we’re dying, at a very deep level.  There is some part of us that can feel our life force being sucked out of us by the constant bombardments to our energy field and body.  And, the more this happens, the more it triggers old subconscious parts of us that actually want to die.  So, we start “creating death” in our physical body.

When a person is tortured or damaged on an ongoing basis, it is totally understandable that they could start “longing for death” in an attempt to escape an unhappy life.  Again, this may be taking place only in the subconscious and not in the person’s conscious mind.  But it is this longing for death at a deep level that makes the body start to go haywire.

Our body is the “servant” of our mind… and when old programming gets triggered about wanting to die, the body tries to oblige us and give us what we want.  The body starts to “pack it up and get ready to leave,” since this is what we are telling it to do, at an unconscious level.  It is very common for the body to gain weight in this case, as a function of trying to “obey” our unconscious “desire for death.”

I feel like the time you spent in Chicago has brought up these issues in spades, which is why you are experiencing the unusual and sudden weight gain.  Buying Personal Rejuvenizers, like you just did, is probably the best thing you can do to offset this condition. In addition, you could request some subconscious clearing from me (that’s my Telepathic Healing work), and we could clear the old programs that have surfaced that are making you want to check out.  I believe that protecting yourself from all the frequencies (via the Rejuvenizers) and clearing your subconscious programming that is causing distress in your life (like weight gaining condition) are surefire remedies to transform your life and help you return to a happier, more peaceful state of being.


Dr. Phyllis Light, PhD.

The Spiritual Effects of EMFs and WiMax

July 2, 2008

A client asked me to intuitively assess what happens to a person’s chakra system from EMFs and particularly, the WiMax frequencies.  In case you don’t know, the chakra system is a system of energetic “wheels” that spin coherently in order to bring spiritual energy into the human being, from the top of the head (“crown” chakra) to the bottom of the tailbone (“base” chakra).  When the wheels are spinning coherently, we are in balance and can comfortably accept a range of experiences:  being intuitive, being able to express ourselves, feeling love, feeling in charge of our lives, feeling powerful, creative, and in tune with our sexuality, and feeling safe, grounded, and able to be present.

What all EMFs seem to be doing, but WiMax is doing to an extreme (65-70% more than “normal EMFs”), is disrupting and disorganizing the energy flow of the chakras.  This is creating a deep sense of chaos and confusion for people.  The energy of the chakras is “chopped up” and “broken”, and the spiritual energy that is supposed to flow through the chakras is unable to flow through coherently.  This is creating a condition in which people are disconnecting from themselves.  So people are energetically “leaving” in order to deal with this great stress upon them.

When you “leave” energetically, it means you are no longer present.  This is a set-up for accidents and other problems that require you to be present and focused.  On a simple level, you may find yourself unable to understand what people are telling you.  “Could you say that again?” or “What did you say?”… or you may even ask questions to which the answers have already been given to you, possibly irritating the people around you over time.  On a physical level, whenever you are out in the world, you risk having a car accident, running into someone or having them run into you, falling or tripping over curbs, missing your subway stop or your turn to get to your destination.

When your spiritual chakra is disrupted by all the frequencies, you may experience great difficulty in distinguishing that which is for your Highest Good and that which is not.  You may find yourself making choices (like overeating, smoking, drinking, not exercising) that are clearly not for your Highest Good.  Before being bombarded with all the frequencies, you may have been able to make better choices for yourself.  Once the energy of the spiritual chakra is disrupted, it becomes much more difficult to determine what would be best for you to do.

When the chakra system is energetically damaged by EMFs and the strong frequencies of WiMax, a person becomes highly disorganized and chaotic and can only do their best to cope in a fairly impossible situation.  The Rejuvenizers have recently been upgraded to energetically protect the chakra system from being harmed by EMFs and the new WiMax frequencies.  For your information, the Rejuvenizers have been programmed to help balance the chakra system for many years, but it is only now that that we have discovered this extreme negative influence EMFs and particularly WiMax is having on the chakra system.

We have also discovered that negative or dark energies ride the frequencies broadcast in today’s world.  Therefore, the more you are exposed to satellite TV, satellite radio, WiFi, WiMax, and cell phone frequencies, the more negative energies you would have inadvertently picked up or that have become deeply imbedded within the chakra system.  The Personal Rejuvenizers now protect you from this phenomenon, as well as clear all negative energies that have merged with you from past frequencies that hit you.  What a world we live in, huh?!


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